Solid-State Quantum Architecture Lab

We study various solid-state quantum systems such as quantum dots, defects, and emerging quantum materials.

Our research aims to generate and control photonic and spin qubits from solid-state quantum structures for scalable and integrated quantum systems.

Such systems will enable chip-scale platforms for quantum information processing such as quantum communication, quantum sensing, and quantum computing. 

Research topics

1) Quantum light sources (single photons and entangled photon pair)

2) Cavity-quantum electrodynamics

3) Quantum entanglement between multiple qubits

4) On-chip integrated solid-state quantum devices

Research introduction

Quantum elements

Quantum system

Research applications

1) Fundamental study of light-matter interaction and quantum entanglement 

2) Quantum hardware such as quantum light sources, quantum memories, quantum repeaters, and quantum gates

3) Secure quantum communication and quantum network

3) Photonic quantum computation and simulation

50 UNIST-gil, Ulsan 44919, Republic of Korea